Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bushwick's Own Rooftop Farm...(an article)

Farm-In-The-Sky: Bushwick’s own rooftop farm an article by by Joel Wolfram

Arriving at Brooklyn Fireproof East, a bar and arts space in the heart of the industrial section of Bushwick, I felt vaguely like I had reached the threshold of an occult and magical world. For, just a short vertical distance from where I was standing, I was to believe, there existed a farm. A farm in the sky. The sense of mystery intensified as I was pointed to a nondescript industrial stairwell and told that all the way up and through the fire door on my right, I would arrive on the farm in question. As I scaled the stairs and lost count of the flights, I felt a bit like a wide-eyed Charlie navigating Wonka’s factory. Was this a test? Was I was worthy of admission to something as strange and wonderful as a farm in the middle of this grim, post-industrial landscape?
As promised, passing through the fire door at the top of the stairs, I reached the building’s roof and Farm-In-The-Sky, where farmer Matt Lebon was waiting with a few other visitors to begin a tour. The farm tours were being offered as a part of a fundraising event for Ecostation:NY, the farm’s parent organization. It’s obvious right away that this is not your father’s farm. Coming out of my reverie, I observed that it bears little resemblance to the imagery conjured by the term. Instead of rows of identical crops in tilled soil, it’s a colorful hodgepodge of diverse plants growing out of a motley array of pots, storage bins and buckets. This practice, Matt explained, is known as container gardening.

Go to Joel's blog to see the full article with pictures!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tis the Season

On the roof we've been potting up our kale seedlings, pickin' tomaters and so much more

Genesis, one the Green Guerilla youth apprentices, shows off our heirloom tomato harvest

We transplanted 30+ plus kale plants as we gear up for fall
Raise the Roof 2 workshop was a huge success! 

Jalepenos galore right now.  *photo by Oliver Ogden

Basil transplant that ended up in our hanging battle garden.  Pics to come soon.  *photo by Oliver Ogden

Lettuce and braising mix never looked so good.  *photo by Oliver Ogden

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Latest Happenings in the Sky

(See the flyer below for more details)

Ishmael, chef at Momo's Sushi Shack, trying some of this week's RSA delivery

 On Friday we had 17 Green Guerilla students working on the roof.

Yeah!  Compost bins made from shipping pallets.  

Making SIPs (Sub-Irrigated Planters)

Hanging bottle garden!  More photos to come of this when that entire wall is full of basil.  

Last Saturday boasted a kale harvest of 25 bunches.  

 What could be more exciting than big 'ol red tomaters?